Aspalis Concierge

A luxurious approach to Greece

Aspalis Concierge was born into the world of hospitality in Thessaloniki, the north Capital city of Greece. Since the beggining our company has been offering the best of exclusive private concierge services to the Greek and foreign Political and Business elite. Aspalis Concierge rejoiced in serving clients from the best families in Greece and Europe.

“Marketed” through word of mouth, from our satisfied clients, we gained a great reputation among Political, Business and Jet Set elite, for our high quality tailor made services.

Our mission is to provide very high personalized services to those who are accustomed to lavishness and would not want to make any compromises on comfort and luxury during their stay in Greece.

We at Aspalis Concierge are famous for our insistence on details. Striving for client satisfaction by providing the highest level of service makes your experience unique and unforgettable.

Aspalis Concierge offers a wide range of exclusive tailor made services and always satisfies the demands of its international clientele. With expertise in not only luxury but culture, wildlife and history as well, Aspalis Concierge reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond your expectations. Our approach combines singular service with insider-access opportunities unlike any you have experienced before. Aspalis Concierge opens you the doors to the finest hotels, restaurants, clubs and Spa of Greece, books your luxury yachts, private jets and cars and provides high-quality services in organizing your travel, shopping or events.

We, at Aspalis Concierge, today are continuing the long standing tradition of serving international travelers with the most exclusive and luxurious retreats, concierge services, destinations and holiday experiences.

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Why Aspalis Concierge

Local Experts

We are based in Thessaloniki, Greece and we specialize only in Northen Greece, we are local experts.
Aspalis Concierge is the oldest concierge services company in northern Greece, and this makes us have the greater experience than anyone else. Experience in the local market, the offered luxury accommodation, vehicles for rent, restaurants, nightclubs, and many more.

Superior Customer Service

You will receive unparalleled customer service with Aspalis Concierge. For us, our every client is a valuable friend and we will take the time to learn your needs and desires and carefully design a special tour package for you.
Your personal assistant will design a unique tour package that meets your needs, desires and budget. We make the process of designing the trip a breeze. You simply tell us your wishes and we will create the right package for you and your company. Visiting Thessaloniki and Halkidiki was never before so easy.

Stress Free Experience

Relax and let us worry about you!
We are able to take care your any possible request, from a beautiful romantic cruise in Halkidiki to a business meeting in Thessaloniki or we can offer you the best lawyers to help you with your affairs or take an Urgent airlift in case of an emergency.

The Best Concierge

We offer our clients the possibility to choose one of our carefully designed tour packages or to design one from scratch, which will cover all their personal needs and desires.
Our aim always is the total customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their desire. With service such as “24/7 assistant”, which is available to our customers, you do not have to worry about anything.
You enjoy your vacation and leave everything else to us!


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